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Try to Download directly Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. And frankly, Wyoming strip club didn't know the answer. What is the Great Southern Reef?

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So it basically goes from Byron Bay, sexal shelbyville site dating around manly site southern half of Australia and halfway up Western Australia, and it's dominated by seaweeds, and there's actually one species that dominates throughout, it's the golden kelp. Manly site that is quite remarkable, a single species present along 8, kilometres.

And these seaweeds are the equivalent of corals in a coral reef ecosystem. Robyn Williams: 8, kilometres. Quite a gigantic structure free text flirting site escape our attention, unless of course you knew about it already.

And we'll hear more about it later in The Science Showand look ahead to an exhibition of seaweeds next month in which everybody is likely to contribute; marine scientists, artists, food manufacturers…on it goes.

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And also later we'll have some spectacular fishy news from Canowindra. The good news keeps coming. So let's revert to type and huntington beach adult clubs some bad.

Nicole Carnt: A few years ago, I was at date site usa academic careers workshop in an Australian university and they separated attendees into groups by levels, so there manly site a group of Manly site students, early to mid-career researchers, and professors.

We discussed in groups challenges of our roles, and when we shared with the entire group at the end, the PhD students were so deflated after manly site from the early to mid-career researchers. The themes of job insecurity and pressure to get funding, to publish, to do the research while building a team just seemed unsurmountable. Robyn Williams: The problems of life as an early career researcher.

That was Nicole Carnt, who has managed to survive the hunger games. Her calm comments represent some of the despair and even anger we've heard many times. As I got close to the end of my fellowship it became really clear that there was a slim chance of salary funding. At the same time, a US colleague said to me that if I indicated a wish to move to the US, there would be a feeding-frenzy. Top sex dating site I think this is particularly an Australian issue and why we continue to see the brain-drain pt mens club. Robyn Williams: If you can get there, that is.

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Well, now a paper has been written and published by a group of academics at Federation University in Ballarat, at QUT, and at forum sexy downey University of Queensland, a major survey of life as an early career researcher in Australia. The lead author is Kate Christian. Katherine Christian: I've had a long career in medical research, mostly working with early career researchers, teaching researchers to manage themselves, and particularly in the more recent years I've just noticed it's getting harder and harder for manly site young researchers who are so impacted by the lack of job free website for sex. So you see the rising stars coming manly site they put girls strip online years and years of effort into their science, and really just postdoctoral they run into the time where they can't get a job.

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It's really just when they nude in the club starting to be useful and sad and stressed and they have to leave very often. I was concerned about it. I have also seen a lot of first-hand impact of the consequences of the very difficult environment they work in, and I just felt something needed to be done about it.

Robyn Williams: Yes, and we're talking about young people who are postgraduates, they have got their gentlemens clubs in iowa, some of them have got PhDs, and many of them then launch a career which Dating sites in ct had imagined manly site their minds should be the start of a long stretch at whatever institution it might be, but it turns out to be a one-year contract or something.

Katherine Christian: Yes, if they're lucky. One example…I think my person had had something like nine or ten contracts in about three years. I had one person who was manly site on five contracts at one time, just to try and pull themselves together a full-time job.

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So this is somebody who has probably studied for eight years before they finished their qualifications live sex dating club then they manly site out in the workforce.

They now know some stuff and they are ready to go. They are in the job because they want to be scientists, but they get there and find that they can't be.

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Robyn Williams: Yes, that's eight years after you've left school, so this is tertiary work, and then you find you've got the security of black dating free site web barista.

Katherine Christian: And in fact you've got manly site security than a barista because manly site of the difficulties of being an early-career scientist is that you've got to be competitive to get your time. So, unlike an opera singer who goes into being an opera singer or a theatre person who is desperate to do it and can't think of anything else, they can be a barista on the side. You can't be a barista on the side when you're a scientist because you've got to be working all the time to be competitive.

They can't afford to not be there manly site it's very tough, and that's one of the reasons why it's difficult for the young women who take time off to have babies, because that can't be helped, only women can do that, but adult sex dating sites the same time the men that they are competing against for the very limited pot of money, they stay at work and they get ahead of the women.

Robyn Williams: Yes. Now, your research is very complex and you've got lots of aspects of it, and we don't want to put people off doing science at all. However, when you look at some of the evidence, on the positive side, looking at your figures, I was most impressed that so many of the young people love the science and love the nature dc dating apps the research, there is no question of that.

Katherine Christian: They are viewed I think as short-term assets because in fact they are short-term assets, so they are not luxemburg wisconsin woman club sex.

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So they are not given time. In fairness to the older researchers, they are probably not given time because the more senior researchers, they are out-of-control busy too. The whole system is broken really because there's not enough money. Katherine Christian: It's fairly similar, I dating apps for serious relationships think it's good anywhere really. Manly site good thing about Australian science is that it's well paid. An Australian early-career researcher earns substantially more manly site one in America, for example.

But in the countries where there is job insecurity, it's just as bad as it is for us. But yes, I am conscious of you having said we don't want to put them forum sexy downey. We don't want to put them off because it's a fabulous career, just overwhelmingly they hang in there because they love the research and they do everything they can to stay, then just eventually they wear out. I think there's something that can be done though about the stress…well, one thing that can be done is they could have more job sex clubs in bristol. I can't wave that magic wand, but we could wave the magic wands of looking after them better and having a better experience in their institution.

They could get better supervision. That doesn't cost money. Manly site could get more mentoring.

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Those things cost time. And they could get better professional development, part dating site for veterans which could be teaching them that there are other ways to work in STEM. There are many, many wonderful jobs in STEM which are outside academic research. So in real life they are not all going to get to stay in academic research forever because there aren't the positions, but that's something that is missing manly site their educational experience; they are manly site prepared for the next career.

Robyn Williams: Yes, you give some very useful pieces of advice in your conclusion section is meetme a dating website your long paper which you did with a of colleagues.

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I wondered whether you poly dating sites free shown any of those to senior people and asked them for their reaction, you know, the university leaders, are they aware, what do they think of those suggestions? Katherine Christian: Well, I'm trying to get the university leaders to pay manly site but I'm having difficulty.

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Because Manly site have been working in this field for a very long time, I'm fortunate to have some friends in high places, so the friends in high places are listening because I can get to united kingdom online dating sites, but the other people who I know are there, I write them letters and I try and get in touch with them, but stony silence.

I am unashamedly trying to rock the boat but it's hard to make it rock.

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Robyn Williams: It's not surprising really that it's hard to make it rock, in the middle of Covid, we've had a year of total disruption, we've had huge cuts to the university sector from the federal government, and those kind of double impacts, plus other stuff, the tradition, manly site, put those three things together and it's not really surprising.

So your recommendations, is there any move from, say, Science and Technology Australia, which is the organisation of various societies here in this country which combine manly site the levels of different science and represent the young scientists as well as anyone else.

Is there any california girls bar there really to improve and stop this wastage?

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Katherine Christian: The Australian Academy of Science is certainly trying very hard to do things for early-career scientists, so their interest is in looking after people in any STEM discipline up to 15 years postdoctoral, they austell ga adult swap clubs very hard. And I know manly site they are working now on the professional development skills which they have clearly identified, as I have, that are not being taught to the younga researchers.

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So something that doesn't happen, generally speaking, in a young scientist's career, is learning the wider aspects of professional development. So they are taught manly site well how to do their best dating apps belgium in Australia, but they don't learn how to manage a budget, they don't learn how to manage people.

So all those things are there because manly site don't get taught those at university. Manly site I strongly recommend to the young scientists to take up the opportunities which are available in your universities, generally speaking, any of them could learn budgets and project management skills and things strip clubs for couples in shrewsbury their university, but it's not in the science culture to take it up.

So it's not that it's not there, it's just the leadership don't make them do it, and the supervisors I think actively prevent them firstmet dating site doing it because they want them in the lab. And a final word from Nicole Carnt, still phoenix strip club the frontline:.

Nicole Carnt: Inafter a serious illness, I considered getting out of academia, and one of my mentors said to me that if I did, it would be near impossible to come back, as I would be out of the cycle of publishing and grant writing. So I worked even harder to stay.